Doğuş University is proud to be a part of the leadership tradition in health sciences. Our University, which has a deep-rooted history, has taken its unique and rightful place among the educational institutions of our country, which pioneered the evolution of health sciences.

You, our esteemed candidates of domestic and international health sciences who apply to our undergraduate education programs, should carry out universal evidence-based practices within the framework of ethical principles and practices based on scientific foundations and the opportunities provided by our University, therefore, leading scientists and health services in the health sector in first-level health institutions. It is not a dream for students to realize standard practices that will form the basis of advanced professional practices and gain experience by establishing interdisciplinary cooperation with clinical practitioners.

Our university has structured original undergraduate education and training programs with scientists who will change the face of health services. Our graduates; they will have the opportunity to work in universities, national professional and scientific institutions, institutions of health services that offer various special branch services, and universal, scientific and professional organizations and/or centers.

For detailed information about our school's health sciences, please check our website. You can also contact the faculty members of our department regarding our undergraduate programs and other future academic offers.

In our school, you will meet professional scientists and academics, consisting of researchers and directors who are dedicated to improving the profession and related science with their knowledge and equipment and contributing to the improvement of the quality of life globally.

As Doğuş Family, we will be waiting for you in our home.

We wish you love, respect and success...

Prof. Dr. S. Deniz ÖZTEKİN, RN, PhD, Professor
College of Health Sciences, Manager