Today, people who demand healthcare services are in a prioritized position in society, and all branches of medicine and health sciences unite their power and share responsibility in order to serve people.

Humanity is in the process of defining such concepts as being healthy, living long, living well and the limits of the right to live humanely. In health sciences that serve this purpose, concepts such as the production of knowledge, the definition and accessibility of service come to the fore.

In the planning, implementation and development of a country's healthcare services, the issue that needs to be emphasized in particular is to train well-trained health personnel with necessary qualifications and in sufficient numbers in parallel with the increasing need. Indeed, in the study titled "Human Resources in Health 2023 Vision" published by the Ministry of Health, it is foreseen that the number of health personnel needed in our country will increase in the coming years as well as a change in the qualifications of the staff and an increase in specialization. This projection clearly points to the need for improvement in both the number of trained health personnel and the quality of health services.

No matter what branch of health sciences we are in, since there is nothing more precious than human health, the health services provided are just as precious and increasingly so each day. Increasing population, environmental pollution, migration, small- and large-scale wars, disabilities, irregular and poor nutrition and increasing life expectancy cause people to experience more health-related problems. The solution of these problems and the continuity of medical care depends entirely on health personnel.

The programs offered by Doğuş University School of Health Sciences internalize the holistic approach of health care and use the academic and technical facilities required by modern science in the best way while protecting universal and national values, and train young professionals who are self-confident and give confidence to those who expect their service.

The education we provide is in line with international standards and ensures that our graduates are qualified to work anywhere in the world. Our graduates can continue their practice in hospitals, faculties / colleges, medical centers or in their own private workplaces based on their individual skills and preferences. In addition to these, they are provided with academic opportunities through which they can choose to become a scholar and pursue a career up to professorship in health sciences faculties/schools or similar institutions.

Despite all the advancements in the field of health brought forward by science and technology, qualified healthcare personnel is still the most important source. Doğuş University School of Health Sciences makes a significant contribution to the training of qualified healthcare personnel in our country with its experienced staff, advanced infrastructure and connections in the industry.

We wish you a healthy life...

Prof. Dr. Mesut KUMRU