Double Major / Minor Opportunities

If the successful students enrolled in an undergraduate program at Doğuş University meet the required requirements; In the second branch of education, they can obtain two different degrees, namely a bachelor's degree, or to be informed in another branch of education.

The students who have successfully completed double major with a bachelor's degree and the students who successfully complete their minor education are awarded with a certificate. Double Major-Minor transactions are published in the Official Gazette on August 9, 2017, and the 7 Regulation on Transfer between Associate Degree and Bachelor Degree Programs in Higher Education Institutions Lisans, 7 Regulation on the Fundamentals of Inter-bank Loan Transfer with Double Major, “and, Doğuş University Double Major Directive uygulan and gesi Minor Directive ”. Students who want to do double major or minor in an English program must meet the requirement of English Preparatory Achievement, candidates who want to do double major or minor in a program taking a student with a talent exam must also be successful in the ability exam.

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