From the Department Head

Leading organizations in the field of health, such as International Council of Nurses (ICN) and World Health Organization (WHO), emphasize the indispensible role and increasing importance of nurses in the health care system in their reports.

Undergraduate Nursing Programme in our University offers students dynamic training opportunities for theoretical and practical fields. The programme offers to students in a wide variety of clinical settings and provides them with the necessary background for high licence programmes (Master’s and Doctoral Degree) in Nursing.

Bachelor of Nursing Programme at our University integrates critical thinking, clinical decision making, biology, behavioral sciences and humanities-based universal literature into the planning, implementation and evaluation of nursing care. The programme trains undergraduates who will be leading role models in health sciences at various hospitals and community organizations, based on the application of research results that will guide evidence-based nursing practices, professional leadership and objectives for clinical experience achievements.

Job Opportunities

Undergraduate nursing students who graduate from 4-year Nursing Licence Programme obtain the title of "Nurse". Our students can work at healthcare services of public or private institutions as well as in nursing schools and nurseries. They can also work as freelancer by having their own healthcare unit. After completing their undergraduate nursing education, they can work at various institutions as a " Nurse". Nurses who have completed high licence nursing programmes can advance academically and work as an academic staff in nursing faculties within the framework of the rules of the higher education institution.

Head of Nursing Department